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Makenna's Meditation is a college blog dedicated to making the transition from childhood to young adulthood the easiest it can be. As I embark on the journey from Arkansas to the DMV, I'll be sharing all I've learned about myself and others through articles on culture, politics, beauty, lifestyle, relationships (and even the occasional murder mystery). Here, no story goes untold.


All About Me


Karen Walrond once said, “be loud about the things that are important to you”, and I never realized how important that was until I started this blog--Makenna’s Meditation. I spent a good deal of my life not being vocal about things I liked and even issues I faced because I was too scared.


 Fear hinders a lot, doesn’t it?

Enter 2020--a year of chaos, grief, and revelation. I lost a few things, but I gained so much more. Most importantly, I gained a voice.


So allow me to reintroduce myself.  

My name is Makenna, and I'm a journalism major attending the Illustrious Howard University.


Outside of class, you can catch me writing for Her Campus Howard as well as perfecting my scriptwriting skills.


When I'm not in my head, daydreaming about what life is outside of the one I've created in my home state of Arkansas, I'm writing, reading, learning, obsessing over makeup, and of course, blogging.


Makenna’s Meditation is where I get to share my interests, passions, thoughts, and journey with you as I make my transition into college ('cause trust me being a Black girl from Arkansas has its hits and misses). From discussing classism within the HBCU community to sharing my favorite beauty tips to anything that grinds my gears, I'm talking about it with unadulterated honesty. 

I know nothing new is under the sun, so everything I went through is happening to someone else right now. Either way, this is dedicated to you all. To the woman who gave me life. To my friends who made me laugh.


To the people who once felt like me--out of place and out of the social norm. 


This is dedicated to you.



Hi! My name is Makenna, and I'm a sophomore journalism major at Howard University. Makenna's Meditation is where I get to share my college journey with you all.

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It's time to get real. Cozy up with a cup of tea and get ready to read articles from your new favorite college blog. Whether you want to splurge on a new piece or you're in desperate need of some self-care, Makenna's got you covered.



“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X