My Beauty Must-Haves to Get Through Darties, Dates, and More

Your go-to guide to long-lasting makeup products for the school year.

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Adrienne Anderson

The time is finally here. I'm officially at Howard University! Words can't describe the excitement bubbling within me right now. After years of daydreaming, planning, stressing, and waiting, I'm finally here at the Illustrious Howard University, and I have no intention on leaving.

Now what would an HBCU be without its infamous darties aka day parties? It's an essential event within our campus culture, just like pop-outs, yard pics, and Homecomings, and I would be doing y'all a major disservice if I didn't mention how hot darties can get. Aside from making sure you're still fresh and keeping up with your friends, you also have to make sure that your makeup is still as good as it looked when you applied it.

With this in mind, I've been there and done that with wearing makeup during the summer months, so I'm here to give you my beauty must-haves to keep your makeup looking flawless before, during, and after darties, dates, and more. (Psst! Don't worry! My faves are all inexpensive.)


The best base products for a flawless finish.

BLK/OPL Invisible Oil Blocking Gel Primer

BLK/OPL Invisible Oil Blocking Gel Primer

For only $9.99, BLK/OPL's Invisible Gel Blocking Primer is great for those with oily/combination skin. The formula isn't too sticky but is tacky enough to allow your favorite foundation to stick all day long.