The Ugly Truth About Situationships

It's everything you need to hear about getting over those undefined relationships.

Vinícius Vieira

This is probably the most candid I've gotten on my blog (thus far) but I think it's time to get unadulterated. So let's talk about it:


They're awkward. They're confusing, and most times, they leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. But what is a situationship?

Situationships are blurred lines. In plain terms, they're undefined romantic relationships. You're not boyfriend and girlfriend, you're not engaged, and you're not married. There typically isn't commitment or defined lines.

Essentially, it's a label to describe "label-free" relationships.

Sometimes, beautiful things can come out of confusing situations. As college kids and young adults, sometimes a situtationship may be good if you don't want to commit to anything serious.

But what about people who like labels and commitments?

Honestly, I've taken a succession of Ls this year just because I thought "situationships" would lead to something more valuable. If you're in the same boat--wanting something concrete out of a vague situationship--I'm here to tell you some things you might not want to here but need to.

Here's the ugly truth:

If you're looking for something long term, you likely won't find in a situationship

Situationships usually don't lead to long-lasting relationships. It's usually something fun and in-the-moment, but most times it leaves you confused and hurt. It can be fun to experience that rush of something new and exciting, but it can fizzle out if you and your partner are not on the same page.

If you both want to stay in a situationship, all power to you! But, if both of you want two different things...then there may a lay a problem.

If you're looking for something serious and long-lasting, sitatutionships will only get you so far (especially if your companion is only looking for something casual). Inconsistency, confusion, and vague answers are some things to look out when spotting a situationship.