Everything You Need to Pack for College Move In Day (And Then Some)

It's everything you need to make the big transition to college.

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Kiera Burton

The time is finally here. After four years of high school and another year of waiting while doing online school, it's finally time to move into my dorm.

I'm super excited to move to D.C and experience the city's culture to its fullest. These past few years the idea of attending Howard University, my dream school, has always been a thought or a daydream to pass the time while I was in Arkansas. Now that it's time to go to Howard, everything feels surreal.

Of course, the feelings of excitement and wonder don't come without the stress of planning, packing, moving, and setting up my dorm. Moving long distance is more difficult than you think and it takes a lot more effort than I had even realized.

That's why I'm here to give you your new go-to list on what to pack and buy for your college dorm. Whether you want to pack it all or buy supplies when you arrive, refer to this anytime you need to make sure you have all your essentials ready to go for move-in day.


  • Comforter

  • Twin XL bed she