Virtual & IRL Pop Out: These Black-Owned Shops Will Have You Looking Right This Semester

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Adrienne Raquel

AS THE SUMMER COMES to an anti-climatic closure, people are either returning to campus this fall, attending virtual classes (i.e Da Crib University), or doing a hybrid of both.

While some of us find ourselves taking 8 A.M Zoom classes in our old hoodies and grease-stained sweatpants, some like to do a virtual pop out every once in a while. A little cut crease never hurt anybody.

With the addition of people who still have to go to work or attend school in person, many have found themselves returning to their a new-normal that includes social distancing and finding the right mask to wear.

It can be challenging to find the inspiration to get dolled up when many of us have been wearing the same t-shirt and sweatpants combo since March (and since many of us are too worried about merely surviving), but nevertheless, I got y'all. These are some of my favorite Black-owned businesses that will have you looking right this fall--so you can make a virtual or in-real-life pop out.

1. Clutch by Tia Dash